The Pros and Cons of Microdosing

Microdosing occurs when someone takes extremely small doses of a psychedelic substance. The two most common choices are psilocybin and LSD. It usually takes a few weeks or months for noticeable changes to occur, although some people report experiencing benefits within a few days.

The claims that come from microdosing are numerous. Some people say that it improves their mood, while others credit using small doses of magic mushrooms or lysergic acid diethylamide to become more productive.

It is even thought that microdosing can strengthen one’s personal relationships.

Are these claims valid? Is there any scientific evidence to suggest that microdosing practices offer health and wellness benefits?

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What Is Microdosing?

When people participate in microdosing, they take a dosage of LSD or psilocybin that is small enough to have no noticeable effects from the drug. The amount is often as little as 1/20th of a regular recreational dose.

Microdosing takes place every third or fourth day. Since psychedelic substances aren’t at a level where they create hallucinations or other unwanted outcomes, the people who practice this technique go about their daily business.

An alternative option is to follow the Paul Stamets protocol. [] His developed regimen focuses on memory enhancement and cognitive health, recommending five consecutive doses before taking two days off.

Stamets also recommends mixing nicotinic acid and Lion’s Mane mushroom with psilocybin to create the desired effects.

No one even knows that the individual is microdosing unless that person tells them what they are doing.

When microdosing is performed at the correct level, the benefits might include more energy, mood stability, creativity improvements, memory enhancement, and changes to individualized time perception.

Only one official research study has been published to look at the effects of microdosing. Outside of a handful of countries or jurisdictions, these schedules I drugs are considered illegal to own or distribute. That legal status makes it challenging to review how small doses impact the human body outside of the stories that others tell.

The study was published in PLOS One. [] It tracked the experiences of 98 microdosers across six weeks to monitor their psychological changes.

The participants noted they experienced positive and negative outcomes from microdosing. Three common themes emerged from the research. Microdosing can help a person’s mental health and improve their attention, but it can also create more neuroticism.

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What Is the History of Microdosing?

Albert Hoffman is given credit for suggesting that taking small doses of LSD could be beneficial for a person’s physical functioning and mental health. His dosage recommendation was between 10 to 20 micrograms (mcg).

Hoffman was also the first known person to synthesize and ingest LSD and psilocybin. He’s the author of more than 100 scientific papers, and several books, and shared the top spot with Tim Berners-Lee (the Internet’s inventor) as the greatest living genius in 2007. []

After reading Hoffman’s suggestions on microdosing, Robert Forte approached James Fadiman with this information and offered stories of his own use. [] [] That’s when Fadiman began researching how psychedelics could be helpful in fractional dosing measurements.

When using microdosing techniques, the goal is to use one-tenth to one-twentieth of a regular dose. If it feels like the quantity puts an individual right near the edge of a psychedelic experience, the amount is too much and should be cut back.

Who Can Start Microdosing?

Anyone can start microdosing when using LSD, psilocybin, or other substances not mentioned. Although you should speak with a medical professional about potential medication issues you could encounter, there is a list of substances that people have taken without incident that is reviewable before starting. []

Since everyone has a different metabolism, microdosing should not interfere with the meditative effects and vice-versa with LSD, psilocybin, or other substances. No one should take recreational doses of these items if they are taking prescription medications, especially anything containing an MAOI. []

When a person starts microdosing, they might discover that there are over-stimulation issues associated with one option over another. Many people find that psilocybin micro dosages are much easier to tolerate because they don’t boost dopamine levels the same way that lysergic acid diethylamide does.

If someone has a mold allergy or sensitivity, there could be an immune response to psilocybin that causes uncomfortable physical symptoms. In that situation, it would be ideal to try LSD instead.

Who Should Not Start Microdosing?

Anyone who feels uncomfortable with the idea of taking psychedelic substances should avoid microdosing. An alternative to consider if you find yourself in this situation would be to use caffeine. Although the effects won’t be as profound, you might experience temporary increases in focus and energy.

The half-life of caffeine is generally less than 24 hours. You’d need to have something available daily to try this technique, whereas LSD and psilocybin are typically taken every three or four days.

Microdosing is not recommended for individuals with color blindness. Two issues can occur that could present long-term adverse effects. First, the impact of psychedelic drugs could generate visual distortions that impact how the world is perceived. Secondly, LSD can be overly stimulating, even in small doses, because it changes a person’s color perceptions. []

If a person is diagnosed with a psychotic disorder or is placed on the autism spectrum, microdosing is not recommended. The dosing rules change in these circumstances, with individuals requiring closer to a full recreational dose.

For women who are pregnant or trying to be, there is not enough information to offer a recommendation. It has not been well-studied for breastfeeding, fertility issues, or congenital disabilities. []

What Are the Pros and Cons of Microdosing?

Each person receives a unique experience when microdosing. There can also be a placebo effect that works with this activity to enhance the individualized results. That’s why these advantages and disadvantages are generalized and should be treated as general information instead of personalized recommendation.

List of the Advantages of Microdosing List of the Disadvantages of Microdosing
It provides a general positive boost for individuals when they are on their microdosing days.  After six weeks of microdosing, most people report experiencing lower stress levels and fewer problems with depression-like symptoms.  When microdosing becomes part of the regular routine, individuals experience fewer problems with wandering thoughts, distractions, and lost time. There are more opportunities during the day to experience information absorption, including intensely focused attention moments and creative or imaginative experiences. The outcomes that people experience can help them have improved life satisfaction, especially when there are more moments to embrace creativity. Many people combine microdosing with other modalities, such as talk therapy, meditation, yoga, and natural supplements to achieve their desired health goals. Most microdosing products are easily obtainable through places like Microdose Bros. Some people experience a limited residual effect on the days between their microdoses. Slight rebounds sometimes occur after 48 hours. If someone has severe levels of mood disturbance, the possibility exists that the stabilization benefits of microdosing might take longer to appear or be nonexistent. When people tap into their creative energy consistently, the results can be unpredictable. Although most people become productive, there is a risk that daydreaming could limit that benefit. Some people experience unpleasant effects from microdosing, which causes them to stop trying the technique after a single dose. The changes that happen are not always up to the expectations that some people have for microdosing. This issue is often due to having individual goals set too high. If you try microdosing late in the day, it could be problematic trying to get to sleep at night. You’ll want to give yourself at least five hours before heading to bed for your microdose.

It’s essential to remember that most research efforts in the areas of microdosing with LSD or psilocybin are observational studies. [] This information relies on the honesty and accuracy of the individuals involved, which means the results should get treated with some caution.

We are still in the early days of microdosing research, even though the ideas getting followed are several decades old. If you’re interested in pursuing this technique to help with your life satisfaction, please remember to research and review local laws regarding these substances.

How to Prepare for Microdosing

You can purchase your preferred substance for microdosing as a powder or obtain it while it is still in its natural form. If you plan to use psilocybin mushrooms, you’ll need to gather a few materials.

  • Grinder. You can use a coffee grinder to grind the dried mushrooms into a usable powder.
  • Scale. It helps to have a milligram scale available that reads to at least two decimal places. You need the equipment to measure a quantity of 0.1g or less.
  • Capsule Machine. With this equipment, it’s much easier to take your microdoses because it makes the filling process more efficient. Most people prefer using gelatin or vegetarian size 00 capsules to handle the recommended dose.
  • Source Product. You need a reliable source of high-quality psilocybin mushrooms.

Once you have the equipment and the mushrooms available, you’ll need to determine the correct dose.  Since some varieties can be potent, you might want to start at the lowest recommended levels and work your way up to something higher.

You have the option to create smaller doses and double up on them if you want a more substantial effect.

Most capsule machines hold about two dozen products simultaneously. You’ll need to measure the mushroom powder (either purchased or created) at the exact amount to have an accurate fill.

You don’t need a capsule machine to use microdosing powder. The only potential disadvantage of keeping it this way is that it might degrade faster because it receives more oxygen exposure.

What Does It Feel Like When Microdosing?

Since everyone has a unique metabolism, microdosing effects are often variable. You might experience less anxiety, more energy, less pain, or all the above.

Some people report feeling warmth in their extremities, with their fingers and toes getting hot.

You could feel attentive and focused, euphoric, happy, anxious, or emotional. Some people are more at ease, while others experience mindfulness at a new level.

Since it can be helpful for PTSD, ADD, ADHD, addiction, and other conditions, some people might feel results that get correlated with relief. Others might feel exhausted because their bodies finally get a chance to relax and rest.

More research is needed to understand the long-term effects of using LSD, psilocybin, and other substances with microdosing. We do know that the short-term benefits can be profound!

What If I Want to Try Microdosing Today? 

LSD and psilocybin are still under research as treatment options for several conditions. Although microdosing is an accepted practice, more information is necessary to offer medically valid opinions. That’s why the products sold for this purpose are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The EFSA has not evaluated the statements made here.

At Microdose Bros., our goal is to help you get as much information as possible about this opportunity. We recognize that it might not be suitable for everyone.

Our team also knows how microdosing can be a life-changing decision. Many people move to locations where LSD and psilocybin have legal status so that they can help themselves manage their anxiety and depression-like symptoms with greater ease. []

The psilocybin truffles in our inventory are particularly effective, at least if you believe the thousands of customers who have been helped by this natural product.

It may not be too long before LSD and psilocybin become more accessible, much like marijuana has been in the past decade. If you’ve tried other methods of treating your unwanted symptoms without success, microdosing could be the answer!

If you have any questions or comments about this option, reach out today so that we can get you the answers you need.

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