Ways to Consume Magic Truffles

You don’t always have to have a nauseating experience every time you consume magic truffles. You can enjoy your psychedelic trips with the methods I’ll show you below.

People use magic truffles for various reasons, including as a spiritual ritual or for fun. Psilocybin in lower doses is enjoyable, and the experience is a pleasant one. In higher doses, the intensity of the effect is even more.

Taking magic truffles with proper knowledge, guidance, and experience can lead to visual insights into the world. Regardless of the reason you take magic truffles, there are many things to keep in mind. One of the most important things to remember is the dose you take, especially if you’re a beginner.

You need to be aware of the possible effects that follow after taking magic truffles. These will let you know the key things you can do and things you should avoid. With that said, let us look at the different ways to consume magic truffles.

Ways to Consume Magic Truffles

Here are five methods to help you enjoy your psychedelic trip with magic truffles:

Chew and Swallow

One of the common ways people take truffles is to chew them. If you do this, you must ensure that you chew it properly so that all the juice can come out. When this happens, the psychoactive substance mixes with your saliva and is absorbed into your bloodstream. The compound takes around 45 minutes for its effect to kick in. It’s advisable to do this on an empty stomach to enhance the absorption of the compound.

A key thing to note is that magic truffles don’t have a pleasant taste, and you might not want to chew them. However, getting a truffle grinder can avoid the unpleasant chewing process. With this, you can take the mashed truffles as a paste and avoid the unpleasant flavor when chewing.


If you’re not a great fan of the bitter taste of truffles, you should consider a magic brew. Making tea from magic truffles will cause the unpleasant taste to disappear. You only need to boil water and throw crushed truffles in it. Heat the mix slowly, without letting it boil, so you don’t destroy the active ingredient. Leave the mix for 10 to 15 minutes before you take it.

Magic Truffle Capsules

This is one of the most used options to microdose magic truffles. Capsules offer a great way for people to enjoy their psychedelic trip. The benefit of this option is that you can discreetly take your truffles throughout the day.

Another benefit of this option is that it helps mask the unpleasant taste of the truffles. Capsules also make dosing a lot easier. It’s a convenient option to carry around, rather than actually carrying truffles everywhere with you.

Psilocybin Edibles

One way to enjoy a new psychedelic experience is by including magic truffles in your diet. This option goes beyond the psychedelic trip; it’s also a way to test your culinary skills. You can incorporate truffles into your food to improve its taste and enjoy your psychedelic trip. The interesting thing about this option is that you can include truffles in almost any food, depending on your preference.

Regardless of your recipe, a key thing to ensure is not to include truffles during the cooking stage. Remember that psilocybin breaks down when subjected to much heat. Also, this can affect the experience you get. It’s generally best to include them as toppings or sauces, both of which come after the cooking stage.

Lemon Tek

This is an easy and quick option to consider. A key thing to note is that there are reports claiming that lemon can break down psilocybin since it’s acidic. Consequently, this intensifies the trip you experience. Even though this is still debated, there are different people that believe this method brings faster trips.

Therefore, it’s best to start with half the amount you normally consume. For this, you only need to ground magic truffles and mix them with lemon juice in a container. Allow it to sit for some minutes before you add water.

You can also use lime juice for this method. Another benefit of this method is that it removes the unpleasant taste of truffles.

When not to Consume Magic Truffles

Psychedelics have been around for a long time, and people take them for different reasons. Despite that, it’s vital to note that there are cases when you shouldn’t take these substances. Here are a few instances when you should not consume magic truffles:

When the Truffles is Bad

A key thing to always remember is that magic truffles have an expiry date. Before you consume magic truffles, it’s best to visually examine the truffles. Also, smell them, and do not consume them if you notice a sign of contamination or decomposition.

The main reason why you shouldn’t take bad magic truffles is that they can trigger food poisoning, diarrhea, or vomiting.

When Taking Other Medications

If you’re taking any medication, especially prescription medications, you shouldn’t consume magic truffles. Examples of these drugs include mood stabilizers, antidepressants, and anxiolytics. You shouldn’t take these drugs with truffles because they both act on serotonin receptors. With that said, you shouldn’t take truffles when you’re taking any medication.




Psilocybin is a promising compound with many health benefits. In this article, we have shared different ways to consume magic truffles. We also gave an outline of cases when you shouldn’t consume magic truffles.

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